Where can I download Stops?2021-11-09T11:33:23+02:00

Android users can download “Stops” from the Play Store (smartphones & tablets)

iPhone users can download “Stops” from the App Store. (smartphones, tablets & Apple Watch).

Note: iPhone users can also beta test our new Lite version, using Test Flight.

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How to create a Stops account?2021-11-09T11:29:01+02:00

To register for Stops, follow these instructions:

  1. Download Stops via the Play Store (Android devices) or the the App Store (Apple devices).
  2. Launch the application. This will bring you to the Login screen.
  3. To quick register, simply click on any of the icons below for Facebook, Google and connect your account. To direct register (with password creation), click on the Sign Up link and follow the instructions.
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