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What is Stops?2021-11-02T16:15:14+02:00

Stops is a location-based social platform that helps people find, create, share and get-to unique 3D locations, without ‘tracking’ them.

With Stops’ patented software, facts and products become 3D smart locations (‘stops’) that can be discovered with Augmented Reality, 3D maps and smart wearables.

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What’s a stop?2021-11-02T16:08:41+02:00

A stop is a smart location that has x/y/z (latitude, longitude & altitude) coordinates.

Anything digital (text, audio, video, URLs, product links, etc.) can be connected to the stop.

Whenever someone is near the stop, it can be viewed in Augmented Reality.

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Does Stops track me?2021-11-05T17:05:23+02:00

Stops gives you the complete freedom to socialize, discover, create, share and interact with location-based content without ever being tracked.

What does this mean? It means just that. We don’t track or log your locations or store any other private data that you don’t personally provide. Moreover, we don’t follow you, cookie you, or log your interactions. Also, with Stops you can export all of your data at any time, and when you delete your account – poof, you’re gone.

Stops only requests your device’s location to deliver you nearby content.

Stops seeks to be a leader in GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation)-compliance.

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