How to search for another Stops user?2021-11-05T21:57:36+02:00

To search for a Stops user you can either:

  • Type into the Search bar in Discover: List, Discover: Map or Discover: AR modes
  • Go to Cubes, click the + on the upper right of the screen, and Search for users.
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How to subscribe to another user?2021-11-05T22:02:18+02:00

In order to expand your search results, you should subscribe to users.

To subscribe to a user:

  1. Click on the user’s thumbnail. (Note: You can also search for a user)
  2. Click Subscribe.

You can also subscribe to anyone via their Wall.

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How can I see who subscribes to me?2021-11-05T22:06:53+02:00

To view your subscribers:

  1. Go to your Wall.
  2. Near the top, click on the Subscribers section. This will open your list of subscribers.

From this screen, you can easily Subscribe back to anyone who has subscribed to you.

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What is my Wall?2021-11-05T22:11:52+02:00

The Wall is your own personal news feed of your stops, collections, cubes. It’s also where you’ll be able to see your subscribers and engagements.

When you look at your own Wall, you’ll see all of your stops, including your Private ones.