Can I turn my my stop into an ad?2021-11-05T23:10:48+02:00

Want to make your stop available to ALL Stops users, and not just your subscribers? You can easily turn your stop into a paid advertisement using our Boost feature.

  1. Open your stop inside the app.
  2. Scroll up to beneath the map section
  3. Click on the Boost your stop! section.
  4. Choose your payment option.
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What’s included in a Boost?2021-11-05T23:56:16+02:00

Boost! is Stops’ form of the ‘yellow pages’ for Augmented Reality

Boost! allows people and businesses to promote your stop across the search engine, without users having to first subscribe to you.

  • Exposure of your stop to all Stops users, not just your subscribers
  • Rotating ad placement in Where! stops.
  • Customization features
  • The ability to as many external product links as you want to your stop.
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Can I connect product links to my stops?2021-11-06T00:20:14+02:00

Yes. You can connect any product link or affiliate link that you have to your stop.

When your subscribers click on your link, they’ll arrive directly to your checkout page.

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