How can I export my data?2021-11-18T11:14:59+02:00

Stops supports GDPR-compliance and your right to own your data.

To export all of your Stops data in the form of a Data Archive:

  1. Open the Stops app.
  2. Go to your My area (bottom menu, far right).
  3. In the Settings area, tap on Account.
  4. In the Download your account data section, tap on Request to download your Data Archive.
  5. Immediately, your Archive will begin to be processed.

Your Data Archive will include all personal details, stops, cubes and other content you have shared with Stops to date.

Depending on the size of your account, it may take up to 2 weeks for processing. Once your Data Archive is ready to go, you will receive an email with download instructions.

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