What is Discover?2021-11-05T14:32:18+02:00

Discover is Stops’ geospatial search engine that helps you discover 3D content around you, every time you stop.

The more you subscribe to other people, businesses and ‘smart locations’, the more powerful the search engine becomes and really customized for you.

There are 3 main modes to Discover:

  • List mode – Search results based on the proximity from you.
  • 3D Map mode – Search results on high-definition, 3D maps.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) mode – Search results that appear in your camera, according to their x/y/z locations.
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How to discover a stop?2021-11-05T14:39:44+02:00

Discover is the search engine of Stops’ geospatial platform. With Stops, search works ‘passively,’ meaning the results comes to you.

  1. Just stop and open up the app
  2. Choose one of the Discover modes: List Mode, Map Mode, or AR mode.
  3. Wait for the closest stops to load up around you.
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Discover: List Mode Tricks2021-11-05T23:39:39+02:00

Enjoy these tips for getting the best out of Discover: List Mode.

  1. To search for or something specific near you like ‘pizza,’ enter the keyword(s) into the main Search bar at the top of the screen and wait for the geospatial results.
  2. To filter your search by a specific source, like Wikipedia, a friend or your stops, click on the filter icon on the top right to activate or deactivate Filters.
  3.  Swipe Right on any row in List Mode to:
    • like or dislike the stop (for other people’s stops)
    • edit your stop (your own stops).
  4. Swipe Left on any row in List Mode to:
    • add the stop to a Collection
    • navigate to the stop or cube using any navigational or rideshare app like Maps, Waze, Uber or Lyft
    • share the stop inside or outside the app.
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Discover: Map Mode Tricks2021-11-05T15:54:59+02:00