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Welcome to Filters

Proper filtering is a ‘must’ for Augmented Reality. 

Moreover, every time you stop, the app is loading up thousands of nearby results for you.

There’s only so much the eye can take in! Frankly, there are just ‘too many stops,’ and that’s why we empower you with powerful ways to filter throughout the platform.

Filters also allow users to:

  • see nearby content from the sources they subscribe to.
  • see results from either a single or multiple sources.
  • control most of their own censorship

To access your Filters, simply go to Discover and click on the blue filter icon near the search bar.

To see only results from one source that you subscribe to, select one or more of the filers.

When you do, a check mark is placed on your filter and your results are filtered to see only from those sources.

To edit, sort and subscribe to filters, click on the blue toggle on the bottom right of the filters area.

Now, you can sort your filters, create filter groups and subscribe to new filters.

If you’re looking for a filter, here you can search for filters, smart cities, people and businesses across Stops search engine.

Tip: You can also search for Stops users to subscribe to via the main search bar in Discover.

Want to learn more?

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