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Welcome to Discover

Discover is Stops’ geospatial search engine that helps you discover 3D content around you, every time you stop.

The more you subscribe to other people, businesses and ‘smart locations’, the more powerful the search engine becomes and really customized for you.

There are 3 main modes to Discover:

  • List mode – Search results based on the proximity from you.
  • 3D Map mode – Search results on high-definition, 3D maps.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) mode – Search results that appear in your camera, according to their x/y/z locations.

First of all, Subscribe

To start off, all users get auto-subscribed to top Tier-1 content sources that add great context for stops.

Examples of Tier-1 geo-based sources include: Wikipedia, Yelp, Google Places, Meetups, Where! (in-app magazine) & Booking.com, depending on your region and area.

Discover List

Don’t forget:

  • The more you subscribe to other users who offer stops in your area, friends, businesses, the more your search engine will get customized for you, from the sources that you trust the most.
  • The more stops you create via Create a Stop around you, the more your search engine will serve you like an AR cloud for your own data. You can always turn off any of these top-tier 1 sources or let them add context for your own data.
  • Your search engine results will also include your personal stops (MY Stops) as well as any Cubes you belong to.
  • You can always easily unsubscribe from any filter, including top tier 1-sources (See Filters) AND you can always filter the entire search engine by just one source.

List mode

List Mode is Stops’ default mode for Discover. Here, you can ‘passively’ see the nearest stops around you. You can also search any other location in the world and see what’s around it.

Discover List

More Tips for Search

  • To search for or something specific near you like ‘pizza,’ simply enter the keyword(s) into the main Search bar at the top of the screen and wait for the geospatial results. You can also use the main Search bar to mix your keywords with locations and our search engine will do its best to find exactly what you’re looking for, and the place where it’s found.
  • To spoof your location, that is to search from a different location and see the results around it, simply click on either the “You are searching from” address or the search box to enter the new location.
  • To return to your current location, simply click on the arrow to the right of the “You are searching from” address.
  • To filter your search by a specific source, like Wikipedia, a friend or your stops, click on the filter icon on the top right to activate or deactivate Filters.

List mode is  packed full of many other side-swipe features.

Swipe Right on any row in List Mode to:

  • like or dislike the stop (for other people’s stops)
  • edit your stop (your own stops).

Swipe Left on any row in List Mode to:

  • add the stop to a Collection
  • navigate to the stop or cube using any navigational or rideshare app like Maps, Waze, Uber or Lyft
  • share the stop inside or outside the app.

Map Mode

In Map Mode, you can pinch and zoom to discover content in 3D.

Tip: Use 2 fingers to swipe up/down to change the perspective of the 3D.

Use Pinch & Zoom to zoom into your location.

You can also use 2 fingers to swipe up/down on iOS and Android devices to change the perspective of the 3D angle.

AR Mode

Augmented Reality is the future! With Stops, you can see all of the content around you in Augmented Reality (AR).

Just use the central circle “the catcher” to latch on and load up any of the stops you see in AR.

Tap on the “Go” button in AR to “get-to” that location.

As you get closer to stops in AR, you’ll see that they get bigger. Further away stops appear smaller.

You can also filter out your Augmented Reality display by opening the Filters module or searching by keyword.