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Create a stop

In less than 10-seconds, you can create your own geo-spatial content and literally start your own smart city with Stops.

To create your first stop, just click on the central + sign on the bottom navigation.

All you need is a title, but you can connect anything digital to it…even links to product checkout pages.

You can always edit or delete your stop, and you are in full control over who actually gets access to it (Public/Private).

The important thing is to give a title for your stop and mark the location. You can always go back and Edit a stop more after that.

If this is your intention, then we recommend that you keep your stop’s privacy setting to Private until you’ve polished your stop for your subscribers.

Once you’ve published your stop, it could appear similar to this…remember you can pack a lot into a stop, links, documents, audios, and more.

Now, you can leverage the bottom stop navigation console to perform a lot of actions with your own stop.

You can share it, like it, add it a collection and get-to your stop easily.

Most importantly, you can always change or adjust the altitude of your stop, so that it gets discovered in Augmented Reality and on 3D maps, in context.

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