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General Questions

Who uses Stops?2020-11-26T14:14:39+02:00

People of all ages trust and use Stops, because Stops:

  1. does not track or follow its users, outside the location. Stops leverages the user’s location to deliver results to the user and not to track or store movements.
  2. does not share or sell any personal data or information with any 3D party.
  3. does not compete with its users.
  4. does not exploit personal information to ad-serve its users.
  5. does not police ‘public’ content or ban its users by political viewpoints.. With Stops, ‘public’ content is largely confined to a user’s subscribers and the ‘facts’ are corroborated in context by their location, which offer higher value points of validation. If a user doesn’t like the source, or finds the source offensive, they simply unsubscribe and all of their search results are removed from the system (learn more about the power of Filters).

Check out Stops’ usescases: Real Estate – Education – Travel – Advertising

Moreover, check out how Stops is putting Businesses  of all sizes literally “on the 3D map.”

What is Stops?2020-11-26T14:15:54+02:00

A privacy-centered, geo-spatial search engine and ‘smart city’ creation platform that helps users connect their content or products securely to 3D locations globally. With Stops, businesses of all kinds too can turn their locations into digital storefronts and syndicate their products and ads to relevant locations worldwide.

What’s a ‘stop’?2020-11-02T19:02:02+02:00

A “stop” is a 3D location with x/y/z (latitude, longitude & altitude) coordinates and micro-coordinates. People can securely connect anything digitally to a stop, and when they do, magic happens.

Which devices can I use with Stops?2020-10-26T09:56:12+02:00

Currently, you can use any Android or iOS device or tablet that has a GPS signal and WiFi. Only devices above the S5 and iPhone5 can support Augmented Reality. If your device does not support AR, then your default Stops viewing mode will be 2D (Map Mode).

Can I use multiple devices for the same account?2020-10-29T17:29:44+02:00

YES. You can use any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to access the same account, even at the same time.

Can Stops be viewed in a web browser?2020-11-18T11:03:30+02:00

YEP. You can view any public stop, Collection or Cube you create in any web browser.

First, open your stop, click Edit and confirm that your stop is marked “Public.”

Note, if your stop is marked “Private” then its URL is hidden from the public.

Next, click on the share button on the bottom navigation of any stop and share it to a Cube or outside of the application.

The person with whom you share the link, even if they are not a Stops user, can view the stop via the link.

If the person is already a Stops user, the stop will open, in context, inside the app.

How old do you need to be to use Stops?2020-11-14T22:49:00+02:00

Currently, we recommend that users be at least 8 years or older to use our application. If you are under 18, you may be denied entry to certain areas of the product, and/or may be required to validate your birthdate when subscribing to certain Filters.

How can I invite friends to Stops?2020-10-29T17:43:50+02:00

There are lots of ways you can share Stops with friends:

  1. Send a link to them. Share our website: https://stops.com
  2. Share a stop with them. Inside the app, open a stop and click the share button on the bottom navigation bar for the stop. You can then share the stop inside or outside of the application.
  3. Share a collection with them. Inside the app, go the the “My area”. Click on Collections. From the main Collections List, find the collection you want to share, then swipe left and click Share. Now you can share it with any Stops member, or even outside the app via social.
  4. Invite them to a public cube. Create a “public cube.” After you’ve clicked Save, go back to the Settings area of the cube and copy/paste the Cube’s link. Once you have sent the link to your friend, they will then be able to join the Cube.
How can I report a bug?2020-11-15T10:22:31+02:00

To report a bug, please visit Stops’ Report a Bug website.

When you report a bug, you’re making our day and also making Stops a better place.

Always keep in mind that there are literally thousands of devices and dozens of manufacturers, and so it’s nearly impossible for our small team to check them all. Your report is greatly appreciated!