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Travelers and travel professionals use Stops for creating geo-content, geo-products and geo-messaging for full quality control.


Travel professionals can run virtually their entire logistics, sales and agent-client communication across the platform, and Stops can even serve as a full-proof conference app ecosystem to run any major event.

Travelers can:

  • Search around their current location (default) and always get to the closest data around them, even their own. See Discover.
  • Search anywhere in the world (like an Airbnb address) and discover the closest data around it.
  • Collect stops and make powerful, 3D travel itineraries out of them.
  • Document entire journeys, by creating a stop at every stop.
  • Share real time experiences with family and friends by location on their Wall or via Cubes
  • Share locations, privately, via Cubes.
  • Subscribe to travel agencies and have direct communication with international suppliers.

Travel Agencies & Operators can:

  • Share interactive, engaging itineraries with their clients.
  • Attach any form of media to their stops, even product checkout links, for FREE (Zero %  commission).
  • Connect with clients and providers in real time via Stops’ proprietary, built-in Messenger: Cubes. Cubes is the perfect way for offering last-minute ‘extras’, like Night tours, to clients.
  • Equip their guides and clients with instant, knowledge data. With Discover, guides never have to carry maps, books & diagrams again. As guides and clients arrive at a location, the cloud data for that location opens up automatically within Stops’ search engine.