The entire Travel world gets to geo-socialize and share, 2st-century style, under a single roof.

Travelers and Travel Professionals get a full-on geo-solution for creating and sharing travel locations for anywhere in the world, even the middle of Timbuktu. People can get-to and interact with travel content and products on-location, with GDPR-compliance.

Stops further provides a complete ecosystem and geo-social world for the world’s 280 million travel employees and travelers who stop by and interact with their locations.

Travelers loves Stops because it helps them:

  • save time (always find the closest thing nearest them)
  • save money (group travel options and on-location incentives)
  • navigate-to anything, anywhere, without being tracked.


Travelers get an all-in-one, social-travel app that helps them get from to stop, let’s them access on-location data and awesome 3D itineraries, share their locations and memories with family and friends, and allows them to connect with travel professionals around the world – all without ever being tracked!

Travelers get context for a location every time they stop. On a simple level, Stops serves as a White Page/Yellow Page service for the very place they’re standing at, every time they stop.

Travelers get an all-in-one solution that helps them also discover new nearby content from top sources like Wikipedia, Yelp and YouTube, navigate to that content, interact with the content or product on-location, and purchase ‘contactlessly’ on-location.

Anyone can travel on their own using Stops, work 1-on-1 with an individual travel agent, or they can jump on last-minute, guaranteed-departure group excursion to over 18 countries provided by Stops’ travel network.

Did you know?

Stops was founded by Eitan Chamberlin, a leader in the travel field, who served as a travel guide, travel agent, travel operator and Travel marketing expert.

Travel Agents

Agencies get to leverage a full location-based platform that provides them maximum Quality Control for servicing clients as they travel. Travel agencies can communicate with their clients, collaborate on 3D itineraries, and share real time locations in the field, ensuring nobody ever gets lost.

By partnering with Stops, travel agencies can provide their passengers with (and earn new revenues from) contactless entry and payment solutions for last-minute-decision products like night tours, special activities & festivals.

Travel Operators

Travel Operators can leverage Stops as a way to market their and their agencies’ guaranteed group departure packages.

Like individual agencies, Travel operators can run virtually their entire logistics and agent-client communication across the platform, as well as directly serve the agent’s clients while on the ground in their host country.

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