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Real Estate shoppers and agents use Stops to get context for properties, list properties (for free), share locations and securely share sensitive details about properties with their clients.

Buyers get ‘what’s-around-context’ for any address and can discover amazing real estate opportunities.

  • Read more about Stops’ Discover, the world’s first, GDPR-compliant, geospatial search engine.

Sellers can add real value to their property by connecting digital assets to them.

  • Read more about our Create a stop feature, which lets you create a real estate listing in just minutes. And remember, not only can your listing be viewed in Augmented Reality, it can be viewed as any web page, as well, allowing you to share your stop/listing to any device.

Realtors can:

  • List properties for free and share them with only clients, or the entire Stops community.  Create a stop.
  • Get or give full context about a property, as well as buying and selling points for the content of things around the location. Discover.
  • Utilize Collections to create listing visits & itineraries for prospective buyers.
  • Communicate instantly with clients on the go while maintaining geo-context via Cubes. (Tip: swipe up on any geo-located picture in Cubes to get context for shared photos)
  • Share accurate locations privately with clients for building sites and meeting places that don’t yet have addresses! (Access the + sign in a Cube to share a location).
  • Create ‘digital property’ value for the property by storing all of the virtual assets that belong to the property on the Stops geo-based cloud, such as: receipts, warranties, blueprints, etc. – anything digital that could add value for the next owner.