Real Estate buyers and sellers get context for any location.

Buyers get ‘what’s-around-context’ for any address and can discover amazing real estate opportunities, as well.

Sellers can add real value to their property by connecting digital assets to them.

  • Turn any physical home, business or piece of real estate into a digital ‘smart location’.
  • Geofence the property to fully turn on the power of the digital real estate’s smart location. This allows location owners to offer digital coupons
  • Offer a White-Page or Yellow Page listing for the location. Display public data like warning signs, delivery instructions, Airbnb contactless code instructions, WIFI details, passively, right from your doorstep. Stops is a unique way that you can at very least warn other potential visitors of hazards that may be on a property.
  • Lock private ‘high-value’ data like historical facts, blueprints and warranties that can add value to the visitor or the next buyer.
  • Monetize the property by charging entrance fees with contactless entry and payment tools.

Collectively, “stops” impact the way people travel, research real estate, validate facts, share locations and monetize products locally.

Stops is working with businesses and exploring ways they can monetize from:

  1. location-based content and datasets
  2. entrance fees
  3. parking spaces
  4. restroom/toilet access
  5. WiFi access
  6. Local products & delivery costs
  7. lock-box code/key access for rentals
  8. Barcode/scannable items
  9. Tour guides
  10. localized, AR & VR experiences

Stops can also add actual monetary value to real estate (geofenced blueprints, warranties, facts), and drive traffic to local communities, sometimes turning an old motel (like where Mick Jagger wrote ‘Memory Motel’) or a dilapidated house (where Elton John grew up) into a ‘something-to-talk-about’, a major attraction or even good real estate opportunity, overnight. Great examples can be found in Stops in-app magazine: Where!

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