Students and Educators get a new way to collaborate and check the facts.

Simply put, when you use stops to connect facts to locations, a whole unique story unfolds. Every stop gets context from the stops around it and sometimes can corroborate or debunk the claim.

Using Stops geospatial search engine and Stops’ in-app magazine, students can search for interesting facts around the globe.

Students and Teachers can communicate via messenger channels that we call “Cubes.”  Cubes can also have locations, so students and groups of students can be geospatially separated and viewed on a map.

Students and Teachers can connect any fact to any location on earth and build an entire conversation around it either privately or publicly.

Students and Teachers can use Stops’ Collections as a way to collect interesting data sets like where gold mines exist around the world, or follow in the geographical footsteps of a historical character.

Did you know?

You can create a time capsule out of stop.

(Hint: Just add a Timer to your stop with a Start Date and End Date).

Genealogists love Stops because it’s an easy way to connect all of your family history to locations and create family trips out of them.

Content made safe:

a) in Stops’ geospatial world a person must subscribe to another user in order to see their shared data.

b) you can unsubscribe from any source at any time and never see their data again.

c) you can share data with just yourself, select friends, or all of your subscribers.

d) easily unsubscribe from, hide, report or block any potentially misleading or potentially harmful content.

e) easily edit, delete or export your data at anytime.

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