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Educators and students love Stops search engine and 'smart city' creation tools for discovering and connecting public facts to their actual locations.

With Stops, you’ll always be able to learn or teach something new, in context. After all, the basic principle of Stops is that you should have the default right to discover the closest content around you (eg. the closest Wikipedia article), even your own cloud data, every time you stop.  In effect, Stops is turning the WWW into a geo-spatial search engine, albeit one that YOU can control by subscribing to the sources you trust the most. Starting to get it? 

  • Create private or public messaging and collaboration groups for all of your students. Check out Cubes.
  • Create your own digital school map. Check out Collections.
  • Create socially-distanced meet up locations using Cubes. Remember: Cubes can have locations and can be seen in search engine results and maps.
  • Connect any fact to any location in the world and make it fun by connecting anything to a stop (even YouTube videos, Spotify songs and, well, anything digital). See Create a Stop. Collect them and make 3D itineraries for socially-distanced groups out of them!
  • Connect YouTube videos, Spotify songs, or any link to any educational program or service for free and get historical and location context for them with powerful widgets!
  • Display your content under your educational brand. See Settings.
  • Collect stops and create interactive maps for any subject or idea you can think of.
  • Geocache any object in 3D space and control who sees it or turn it into an time capsule.
  • Leverage Stops to the fullest extent for genealogical and historical research.
  • Educational and Non-Profit groups can become Tier-1 filters that function like a white-label app, displaying only the content relevant to their location!

And you’ll always learn something new from Where!, our in-app magazine that takes you to where amazing facts happened around the world.

For example: