Businesses get to leverage Stops as a digital storefront solution.

Think of Stops as a new, 3D form of the Yellow-pages, putting businesses of all kinds on the digital map and in Augmented Reality.

As Stops’ users enter the business’ property, they’ll automatically receive the nearest content (and even products) that the business wants to syndicate to the customer, like:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Wi-Fi (auto-connect)
  • Current weather
  • Augmented Reality experiences
  • Contactless entry & payment solutions (restrooms, parking, entrance fees and more)

Stops lets businesses add altitude to their content and product locations, so that their customers can find them using 3D maps, smart watches, AR glasses and autonomous vehicles.

With Stops, Businesses gain new social ways to communicate (via their Wall and Cubes), customize their brand and monetize their locations. All of this together, provides a new, cutting-edge customer experience.

Businesses can use stops to tell unique stories about their location, draw in new customers and provide special on-location offers to customers that arrive at their doorstep.

Recent Covid-restrictions and lockdowns have forced local businesses to offer delivery services, pickup areas, and contactless entry & payment solutions.

Stops is working with businesses that want to earn new revenues from:

  1. location-based content, products & datasets
  2. entrance fees
  3. parking spaces
  4. restroom/toilet access
  5. WIFI
  6. Local products & delivery
  7. lock-box code/key access
  8. Barcode/scannable items
  9. Local guides
  10. AR & VR experiences

Want to turn your business into a smart location?

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