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With Stops, businesses of all sizes get a complete, digital solution for creating and managing a ‘digital storefront’ and the ability to syndicate their brand across the entire search engine and locations where their products are served.

Businesses of all sizes can:

  • Create stops for all of their locations and get immediately discovered in search results, maps, and Augmented Reality by their subscribers.
  • Syndicate their products as ads (in context) to relevant locations around the world.
  • Communicate with their customers (Wall)
  • Securely share private locations (also, via Cubes)

Most listing services just don’t let a business say enough. Create a Stop (aka ‘Drop a Stop’), provides unique ways for businesses to tell the stories about the objects and ‘choices’ made at the location.

For example, if we were to interview you about your property we might ask the following types of questions to attract Stops users to your property:

  • do you offer free WIFI or restrooms at this location?
  • who’s the most famous person that ever visited your property?
  • are there any historical facts or artifacts discovered at this location?
  • what’s the story behind that painting on the wall? and where did it come from?
  • what kind of trees do you have on your property?
  • are there any other historical documents related to this property, such as old pictures, videos, or newspaper articles.

With Stops, you can turn your location into a virtual museum that connects people to your product, add historical value to your local community and even impact the monetary Real Estate value of the property itself.

Add your menus and make them public, or add your receipts and keep them private. With Stops, you control your “geo-domain” and can discover new ways to attract users to your property or business location.

Stops is working with businesses and exploring ways they can monetize from:

  1. location-based content and datasets
  2. entrance fees
  3. parking spaces
  4. restroom/toilet access
  5. WiFi access
  6. Local products & delivery costs
  7. lock-box code/key access for rentals
  8. Barcode/scannable items
  9. Tour guides
  10. localized, AR & VR experiences

Businesses can: 

  • use the entire application as a private ecosystem if they want to. Users can connect their entire cloud and inventory to Stops geo-spatial search engine and  share it with just with need-to-know employees, subcontractors or clients
  • offer their products and their locations across the geo-spatial search engine and gain new customers who are looking for the closest solution nearest them. 
  • communicate directly with their customers through private messaging (“Cubes”), which keeps those customer messages contained from their private world’s they might use with WhatsApp or FB Messenger.
  • enjoy a ‘white-label-like’ feel across the search engine. When users filter the search engine by their favorite smart business, they really see only their brand.
  • discover new ways to market and advertise their products in context around the globe.
  • evaluate the properties where their products are served, in context
  • monetize their location in new ways by charging users to unlock parking spaces or restrooms, or to pay for entrance fees or local services.
  • protect and secure their properties by syndicating geo-alerts, geo-warning signs.