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All of your settings are tucked under two areas: Profile Settings and App Settings.

You can locate both of these settings areas in the My section of the app.

Some My tips:

  • You can swipe up to view your Wall.
  • To update the picture on your My page, go to Profile Settings and click on the pencil icons.

App Settings

In your App Settings area you can:

  • Turn on/off Push Notifications. This is a global setting that overrides all of your Cubes settings.
  • Change your Measurement system. Easily switch between US & European measurement systems.
  • Access our Help Center.
  • Access Legal Documentation. Such as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Log out of the application.
  • Clarify your version of Stops.

Profile Settings

Here, in the Profile Settings area you can control all of your private details and choose what to share and what not to share with the public.

Remember: With Stops, all of your details remain private. Stops does not provide your details to any 3rd party whatsoever. It is at your sole discretion to share up with the community.

If you’re a business and/or you have upgraded to Stops Premium,  you can also enter in additional details that can appear on your Wall.

You can also control the appearance of how you look throughout the platform, from search engine results, to your private filter, to how your bubble appears in Augmented Reality. All you need to do is upload a watermark or photo of you or your brand.

Manage Account

To downgrade or delete your account, click on the Manage Account sub-option.