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Messaging: Welcome to Cubes

Cubes are Stops’ version of messenger groups. However, unlike most messengers, a Cube can also have a location, known only by its members.

You can do just about everything inside a Cube, including sending emojis, uploading files, recording audio messages and sharing locations securely.

There are three types of Cubes.

  • 1-on-1 Cube (just you and one other Stops user)
  • Private Cube (for yourself only, or for you and as many as 250 people you choose)
  • Public Cube (unlimited number of members)

To get to the main Cubes area, click on the cube-shaped icon, to the right of the central + sign on the main navigation.

To start your first Cube, just click on the + sign on the top right corner of the main Cubes page.

To start a 1-on-1 Cube, all you need to do is run a search for that person, click on their result/row and start a conversation.

To start a Private or Public Cube, click on either option presented.

TIP: Can’t find a person by their name? The user may not allow for people to message them (Settings), or may be operating their account under a username.

All you need is a title for your Cube. It’s also recommended to add a description and image that best represents your Cube.

  • You can change the Privacy of your Cube. If marked Private, only you and the people you invite to the Cube can discover the Cube. If marked Public, other users may be able to discover the cube and must ask to join the Cube.
  • You can change the default location of your Cube to anywhere else in the world.
  • You can change the Altitude of your Cube. By default, we provide your current altitude.
  • You can add other members to your cube, or you can invite them later.
  • You can start a Private cube just with yourself, as a place for keeping notes or reminders about locations. You can always ask others to join at a later stage, and when you do they’ll see all of your previous posts to the Cube.

Once you’ve made all your choices, click Create on the top right corner of the screen to create your cube. Remember, you can always edit or adjust any of the details you previously provided.

You can delete and share cubes by using the side-swipe feature from the main Cubes list.

You can share just about anything within a Cube, especially your favorite Emojis.

To activate other features like sharing your location, photos, images, documents, stops and collections, click on the + sign on the text editor.

You can share locations with other members of the Cube.

Note: Your location, by default, is your current location. You can long-press the pin on the map to move it to a different location or click on the address bar and search for a different address to share.

To reply to a specific message in the feed, swipe left or long-press.

To forward a message to another stop user, swipe right or long-press.

To edit your message, simply long-press down on the message and click Edit.

You can always create 1-on-1 users fast throughout the platform. Just open their thumbnail and click on the Message option there or on the user’s Wall.

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