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Welcome to Collections

As you begin to leverage Stops, you’ll see lots of places and ideas you’ll want to get to in the future.

Collections are an excellent way to file interesting stops and make fun, interactive itineraries out of them. You can share the directions to your house, an amazing tour of Paris, or even create a collection of real estate listings that you want to share with clients.

There are so many possible uses for Collections. Simply, Collections give you the ability to research and file data that you collect on different subjects and interact with them in full geo-context.

You can add any stop to a Collection. Just swipe left on any stop and add it to a Collection easily.

You can repeat the process and add the same content to multiple collections.

You can also start from scratch. Go to the My section and access your Collections from there.

Add any title you want for your Collection, click Save and then start browsing for stops to add to your Collection.

You can add as many stops as you want to a Collection, and you can Edit, Reorder, Add a visit time, Share and lots of other features that are tucked inside.

You can interact with your collection on 3D maps.

You can view and download top Collections from Where!, inside the Stops app.

More great tidbits about Collections

  • Share a Collection. From the main Collections list, swipe left. Share it inside or outside of the app.
  • Get-to a Collection. From the main Collections list, swipe left on the Collection you want to navigate to. Click Navigate. Choose the 3rd party map provider you want like Google Maps or Waze. This takes you to the first stop in the collection. To get to individual stops in a Collection, just click on the Navigate button on any stop.
  • Remove a Collection. From the main Collections list, swipe right.
  • Edit a Collection. Open your collection and click on “Edit” on the top right corner of your screen. Also, from the main Collections list, swipe right and click “Edit.”
  • Reorder the stops in a Collection. Open your collection, click Edit, then select the row/stop you want and then drag and drop above or below. This will renumber your stops automatically.
  • Remove a stop in a Collection. Open your collection, click Edit, then left swipe on the stop that you want to remove. Press remove.
  • Estimate distances and walking times within your Collection. You can experiment with ways to cut down your walking time by editing and reordering stops

Want to learn more?

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