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Stops has all the essential tools you need to create and discover content in Augmented Reality.

You can use Stops passively to discover the closest data from top sources around you (Wikipedia, Yelp, Google Places, Meetups, etc.), or you can use Stops actively to create your own smart location, business or social world.

With Stops, users can:

    • discover the nearest, relevant search result or product to them, anywhere in the world.
    • connect anything digital to any location in the world and syndicate their knowledge and products ‘across time and place.’
    • port-in to smart cities, worlds and categories of interest to expand their search engine
    • communicate, send locations and collaborate on stops with private messaging
    • send geo-surprises, geo-caches, AR experiences and other ‘magical’ experiences to their family, friends and followers.
    • get-to any 3D location virtually or physically. users can ‘get-to’ content, in situ.
    • get context for their own cloud data from other stops surrounding it.
    • monetize ‘safely’ any digital asset or product at any relevant location, including their own home.
    • enter/exit locations and unlock data/products without the need for other human contact (‘‘contactless entry’).
    • filter anything by time, place or source.
    • learn ways to protect their own address from over exposure across multiple search engines.

How it works & Main Product Features

As you subscribe to other smart cities, you are, in effect, expanding and customizing your own geospatial search engine, which you can filter by a single source.

  • Discover is Stops geospatial search engine. Just stop, open the app and start ‘passively’ discovering the closest Wikipedia article, Yelp restaurant, Google Place, social Meetup, YouTube videos and other facts around you on Maps, Search Lists and in Augmented Reality. Stops’ built-in Navigator helps you ‘get-to’ any search result using Stops’ internal system. You can also easily get to any other 3rd party navigation systems like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze, or your favorite ride-share app (eg. Uber, Lyft, Gett).
  • Create a Stop helps you connect anything digital to any location on the planet (documents, songs, audios, texts, links, etc.). Because Stops is all about 3D content, you can even adjust your stop’s altitude so that other users can find it in Augmented Reality and more accurately on 3D maps. You can choose to keep your stop completely private or you can share it with the entire public (you can even share your Wi-Fi hotspots). When you upgrade to Premium, you’ll find more incredible ways to add ‘magical’ AR experiences for your locations.
  • With Cubes you can message with anyone on the platform privately via 1-on-1, Private or Public messenger groups.
  • Collections – You can collect stops and turn them into interactive, 3D itineraries and maps.
  • Likes – You can access all of your favorite stops from the My area of the app.
  • Wall – Users can also share-up their content to the public and let other users subscribe and socially engage with their content on their Wall and can filter the entire platform by their geospatial datasets by using Filters.
  • Where! is an in-app magazine & filter that displays some of the best stops around the globe, for example where famous things happened (eg. Where Elvis sang his last song!).
  • Boost! takes your beyond just your subscribers, and provides maximum public exposure of your stop across the platform.